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the only girl in these photo is Jossylen  by drawingeek3267 the only girl in these photo is Jossylen :icondrawingeek3267:drawingeek3267 2 2 super soldier speedster and speedster  by drawingeek3267 super soldier speedster and speedster :icondrawingeek3267:drawingeek3267 2 1


DEPRESSED SUPERHEROS by lora-zombie DEPRESSED SUPERHEROS :iconlora-zombie:lora-zombie 2,711 130 Simon . A. Clark by LogicalPine1999 Simon . A. Clark :iconlogicalpine1999:LogicalPine1999 25 8 Pip! by LogicalPine1999 Pip! :iconlogicalpine1999:LogicalPine1999 48 18
Please Listen.
I just got an email from a concerned parent. Her daughter has an account on DA, and apparently she copies and traces my drawings. I looked on her profile and confirmed that, yes, she did trace and gave minimal (sometimes no) credit. The reason her mother messaged me was because a few people were apparently sending her harsh messages asking her to give credit. She even got a few death threats.
Listen...I'm going to say this all again because I guess it needs reiterating: When it comes to my art, I do not mind young artists copying or tracing my drawings in hopes of developing their skills, or because they are still learning the way of things. If you see someone posting a traced or heavily referenced drawing that does not mention the original picture, please DO NOT immediately jump to aggression.   If something like this (art theft/style theft) really gets on your nerves, then I understand why you might be angry upon seeing it, but you must find the maturity to take a breath, and
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Alice. ( copic markers ) by LogicalPine1999 Alice. ( copic markers ) :iconlogicalpine1999:LogicalPine1999 60 15
Nightly rounds (Norway x Reader)
It was almost midnight and it was dark in the Nordic house. The 6 attendants had gone to bed several hours ago and were fast asleep...all except for one.
(c/n) was sitting cross legged in the middle of her bed, covers draped over her head. Every little noise the old house made, sent new shivers down her spine and made her whimper ever so slightly. “This is pathetic.. it was just a movie” she mumbled to herself as she very slowly poked her head out from the covers that served as her invisibility cloak. Her (e/c) eyes scanned the dark room, searching for anything unusual. Previously that same evening, she and the Nordics had been snuggled together in the living room watching some random horror flick that aired on TV... and now she was paying the price. She hated horror movies... but the others really wanted to see it so who was she to say no?
The (h/c) girl took a deep breath before sighing heavily, trying to remind herself that there was no safer place in the world than the
:iconmaddiekixx:MaddieKixx 654 197
Norway x Reader - Hair Habits
“Why do you never touch my hair?”
The question came out of the blue as you looked up from your book to see Lukas on the couch, his eyes slightly narrowed as he unconsciously pursed his lips at you.
“What do you mean?” you asked, your confusion evident in both your voice and arched eyebrows.
“My hair.” He lifted a finger to point at his hair before holding a lock of it between his fingers. “It’s just…” Lukas muttered slowly, “You never seem to play with it, nor touch it for that matter.”
“But don’t you dislike it when people touch your hair?” Returning to the book in your lap, you couldn’t help the chuckle that squeezed its way past your lips. “Honestly, Lukas, how do you even notice things like the lack of me touching your hair?”
“It’s hard not to notice when you touch everyone else’s hair but mine.”
You could detect the hint of envy that ac
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Norway X Reader ~ Shy
"Hey, guess who's here again!" your workmate teased you while you were taking an order from the old lady, who took always the same cup of coffee and a bun. You gave your best wait even for a second- glare to your friend and turned back to the old lady with a smile. After you had taken the last order, you turned back to her.
"What now?" you asked a bit irritated of her ability to disturb you always at the perfect moment.
"He is here again", the woman smiled knowingly and nodded towards the customer's side. She was right.
It really is him...
"He" was a young, about 20-year-old slender man. Though he didn't look like the strongest man in the world, he was handsome in his own way. His hair was semi-long and its color was somehow as blond as flax. His hair was decorated with a reversed silver cross hair clip. And those eyes, you saw them almost in your dreams. He had deep blue eyes, which glowed a unique, mysterious aura.
The man always sat in the same place, right next
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Meoldy by OyeCalcetines Meoldy :iconoyecalcetines:OyeCalcetines 3 2 Sketch Dump 43 (Hwarang: the beggining ) by Namonn Sketch Dump 43 (Hwarang: the beggining ) :iconnamonn:Namonn 559 38


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the only girl in these photo is Jossylen
She is captian America's daughter but she is a speedster

She has long platinum blonde hair olive skin tone blue eyes strong and independent
Hi I'm looking for someone to draw my Oc male Patrick Rome Saintly I will include details of the character in a private message. Thank you all hope to hear y'all soon.
Hi I'm looking for someone to draw my Oc male Patrick Rome Saintly I will include details of the character in a private message. Thank you all hope to hear y'all soon.



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